Cleared For Takeoff!

After a refreshing trip to Wisconsin, a few visits with my favorite ladies, and some wonderful family time, I am back home in VA and ready to tackle more training! My favorite training partner purchased me a little gift to remind me of my roots when I am running. If you are me, you can never have enough sweatbands…


It is also to encourage me on my running. Running is my weakest of the three disciplines and my running partner in WI always pushed me hard on the runs. I will miss her this season as I train for my first IM, however she has already made plans to come and be here for the race (as have many other of my wonderful and supportive family and friends). I definitely don’t run as hard when I run alone, so hopefully this little gift will give me some inspiration.

After the back injury, I had to cut way back on running, but my trainer just gave me the all clear to resume normal activity! Of course, this means slowly ramping back up my run. I had a wonderful run this evening followed by some weights and of course the dreaded back exercises (that take me an hour every day). All the hard work has paid off and it is nice to be injury free! I feel normal again – I can even put on my socks without screaming in agony!

Thus, the off season begins in earnest. I can’t wait to get back on my road bike. And it is clean-eating time from here on out. I will make exceptions for a few things: Work Holiday Party, Christmas, New Year’s.


But other than that, it’s healthy healthy at least until February when I reach race weight! And then it is everything in moderation. 🙂 Word on the street is that once I get back into double-digit runs again I can celebrate the accomplishment with a tasty, seasonal microbrew. The calendar is shaping up and it looks to be a wonderful race season! I couldn’t be more excited to be healthy, happy and back on the road to becoming an IRONMAN!

“The more I run the more I love my body. Not because it’s perfect – far from it – but because with every mile it is proving to me that I am capable of more than I ever thought possible.” – Unknown