Kinetic Sprint – At Long Last – A Race Report

So it has been over a week now since I did my first tri of the season. The Kinetic Sprint in Spotsylvania, VA. Disclaimer: I am NOT a sprinter. This was pretty much a let’s-see-where-we-are-starting-the-season sort of deal. And also try to kick some bootie in the process. I 11031046_10101056227199713_2713012679850170913_nsort of did and while I was pleased with my race, I very quickly started thinking about all the things that need fixing.

Pre Race: I was the driver. We got on the road right when we wanted to. Perfect! I picked up two of my friends and after a bit of finagling we got one stubborn ti-bike to work with my bike rack. I was pleased with my same-old same-old pre-race food. Peanut butter toast. It has yet to fail my tummy. Race was at 9 so the PB went in at 7. The drive was relatively uneventful aside from some very angry bladders right near the end of the trip. We got there with plenty of time to check things out, set up our transitions, use the bathroom 3-4 times…FLUSH TOILETS! What gloriousness was THIS? Pre-race I was sipping water and ate my banana about 45 minutes before my wave started. Got some time in the water and the wetsuit, which was good because my left google was leaking. I was able to get that sorted out pretty quickly.

Swim: This was just as awful as I thought it would be (well maybe not quite). I hadn’t had any time in open water before the race, was in a full sleeve wetsuit in uncomfortably warm water, and part of the largest wave (150 flailing female swimmers under the age of 39). I started far to the left which was my plan…but cut in too quickly instead of taking a milder angle out to the turn buoy. I was pulling right in the swim, which I NEVER do. I bilateral breathe all of the time, which keeps me pretty straight, but for this race I found myself breathing only to the right for most of it. I don’t know why. Anyway, I never felt like I got a good rhythm. I blame the fact that it was my first open water of the year…and I definitely was not used to having that wetsuit on. I should have went without. Hindsight is 20-20. Are wetsuits worth it in sprints? With about 200m to go, I locked eyes with my friend (how we found each other in swim caps, wetsuits, and goggles amongst hundreds of people, I’ll never know). We saw each other and then both started tearing towards the shore to try to beat each other out of the water. She won by 10 seconds. 🙂 I’ll get you next time! That was definitely a highlight.

T1: T1 was ROUGH. I was really struggling after the swim to move my body. It was much worse that T2. Still, I found my row and bike on the first try. Threw on my shirt and was off. The bike was in a low enough gear to start climbing right away. Glad I scoped that out beforehand.

Bike: The 15.5. miles on a somewhat hilly course was WONDERFUL. I felt very strong on the bike and averaged 19.6 mph. I was glad I had spent some time doing hill rides as I felt that my shifting and power and exertion were all right on point. I was in aero for most of it. The only annoying thing was getting stuck behind the motorcycle a few times. I actually had to SLOW DOWN a number of times for that darn motorcycle. I had blue Gatorade on the bike and drank about half of my front water bottle. Probably should have had more. It was getting warmer outside.

T2: This transition also felt pretty good, except I couldn’t get my left shoe on!! The heel kept folding under. Must figure out a plan B for next time. I went sockless for the bike and run which seems to work just fine.

Run: Right up a hill…for about the first mile of the course. It gradually lessens after the first 1/4 mile, but it just goes from being a steep hill, to a gradual hill. I felt really strong running so I just kept powering up the hill. By about 1.7, I was pretty darn tired and trying to find some left over strength. I averaged 9:15 minute miles off the bike and for the 5K. I got a cramp in my thighs. WHY?! I think lack of fluids is the culprit. I wasn’t until about mile 2.5 that I found my groove. By then, I was already in the home stretch. Again, give me the longer distances!

I was pretty happy with the outcome and how my body bounced back. The only sore thing were my SHOULDERS. Holy cow! I have swam twice that distance. Wetsuit problems perhaps?

Anyhoo!!! On to the next one. Challenge Williamsburg!! I will be ready for it. June 14!

That’s all I have for now. Past my bedtime!