My Sincerest Gratitude To A Wonderful Support System

Let me begin this post by saying: Thank you.


The selfish. The Ironman. My race. Narcissism. The taper crazies.

I am sorry if I have been missing or irritable.

I started this journey about a year ago. A quest to the Ironman. I chose to do it for myself, for healing, for remembering who I am. This journey has indeed brought me all of that and so much more. This journey has been about pushing my body and mind to the limits. There has been pain, frustration, tears. But I also experience feelings of immense joy and strength. I am doing things I never thought were possible.

So why the apology? Because of my wonderful support crew. Throughout August and most of September, I have been a ghost. An enigma. I have friends I haven’t spoken to in weeks – you know who you are. I have family I haven’t spoken to in weeks – I am so sorry daddy!!! I promise I will call you this weekend!! I love you. Grandma – I haven’t written you a letter in months and I’ll send lots of pictures. Oma – I will call you too!! I have been anti-social and unable to participate in other “fun” activities (see Team RWB). Perhaps it is just a matter of putting these things into my calendar. It is these people who love and support me even when I am not around that I am so so so grateful to have in my life. The journey is wonderful, it is sometimes lonely, and then I am reminded of all of the support that I have around me. I have failed to thank these people. – failed to express my gratitude for their unwavering support and love even when I haven’t been so great or present.

I know that I have been “missing” for a while.

I LOVE the training. I love the work. I love the schedule. And I am all about balance. I lost my balance a bit (and yes I was warned that that would be the case). I have loved every part of this journey – and I have met some wonderful new friends along the way who are more of a support than they even realize.

So to my wonderful support system. The race is only a week and a half away. I am nervous and scared, but I am also excited and ready to be awesome.

Thank you for everything.

My family: My sister is flying in for the big event. She calls it my magnum opus athletic event. My mother is here in town (Every time I see her, she offers dinner – I can’t even begin to express how wonderful that is.) My father is more than patient as he leaves me voicemails every week that I really really really need to respond to soon.

My Wisconsin and Arizona friends:  Our Skype sessions have dwindled and we don’t text as much. But your support from afar is still most wonderful. I promise to pick up right where we left off. I am proud of my bestie as she works toward her first marathon and has battled setbacks and injuries. She is taking her battles out on the road and I couldn’t be prouder. I’ll be stalking you. My friend who just visited me out here and put up with my training and my triathlon event night because she knew I was in the thicBeezeyk of things. She even ran with me. Beezey, who has been my #1 Ironman cheerleader from the get-go. My running partner in crime through thick, thin, black ice, hot humid barf days, coyotes, and everything in-between. She is flying out here too! To be the most fabulous Iron Sherpa that the world has produced! I am lucky to share the big day with her!!! I cannot wait.

My roommates and Virginia friends: Putting up with the incessant triathlon talk day in and day out. Making me tacos and offering gobs and gobs of M&Ms! Playing Scrabble, Yahtzee, or Sequence on weekend nights to unwind. Thank you thank you thank you. My musician friends for letting me come to rehearsals smelling of chlorine or in sweaty post-run clothes so I can still play beautiful music with all of you! Thank you for helping me wake up on those dark mornings to do a training session. We ride at DAWN! Thank you for getting my butt out in the evening. We ride at DUSK! Squealing in the pool after tough workouts as we find out which parts of our bodies are the most chafed. Thank you for being a sounding board when I start to tear at the seams. The training, the stress, you have offered most wonderful ears to listen and shoulders to lean on…

My co-workers: Again — hearing the triathlon talk day in and day out. Seeing and maybe smelling me come back from lunch time workouts… But thank you to my fabulous Alexander Street co-workers who never fail to ask me how my training is going, what sort of workouts I have planned, and how I am feeling physically. It makes work a joy when those around you are so supportive of a non-work endeavor.

My Rogue training partners in crime: I don’t even know where to begin here. Some are already Ironman and their experience alone is a great help for me. Every person in Rogue has pushed me to do better in one way or another. A better biker on our hilly rides, moral support, mental support, laughs. NORMATEC BOOTS and homemade orzo deliveries. Support on long lonely rides. Getting lost on long rides together. 🙂 Simple words here and there, sharing articles about training, helping me with ideas on my struggles with cramping. I don’t know if anyone in Rogue realizes just how important they have been to me in my training. A small word of encouragement from any of them does wonders.

My coach: He is there when I rant. He is there when I rave. He is there when I am frustrated. He is offering suggestions and help for any little issue that bothers me. He’s being a great coach and he usually says just the right thing at the right time. It’s awesome.

Mikey: A rock. He usually bears the brunt of my craziness and/or irrational texts. He has the utmost patience with the long training hours. The constant support and motivational words. He is there when I am at my worst and ready to hold my hand at any time. He also lets me be when I tell him I just need a little time. He is sunshine. He is wonderful. He never falters and picks me up every single time I stumble. His laughter, his love, but most of all his patience. I don’t even know how to thank him. One of the most incredible people I have ever met. I met him right at the start of my journey and he has been there the entire way. Who considers a relationship while training for an IM? I’m so glad we took the risk. I cannot begin to thank him and hope that someday I can offer the same sort of support and sunshine. 🙂

So as I taper to race day – I am sorry if I have snapped at any (all) of you at one point or another. I am sorry if we haven’t talked as much as we used to. But thank you for supporting me on this journey. As I typed this, I realized just how lucky I am to have you in my life. Supporting me from near and far. Rooting for me. There through everything.

This particular journey is almost finished, but it won’t be the end. I plan to race my heart out and channel everyone here for good vibes – especially at times during the race when I am bound to be struggling. The struggle is sometimes very real…but it isn’t with this great crew of people.

Thank you for being there. Thank you for coming on the journey with me. I’d never have come this far without you and I look forward to October 3rd. It’s time to finish the job!