A Very Rogue Christmas (Workout!) – And new laces?

“Never underestimate the power that one good workout will have on your mind. Keeping the dream alive is half the battle.” – Kara Goucher

Saturday morning! Happy December! Coach D calls a Rogue workout! My friend K called it “Rise and Grind with Rogue” in a picture. Clever. Funny. Awesome.


First of all – going to whine for just a moment – it ruined my training plan for the week because I originally thought I wasn’t going to be able to go. I was supposed to help a friend move. So I had planned my bikes and runs around Saturday (with the thought that I wasn’t going to have time to bike OR run on Saturday)…Well the move fell through and I ended up being able to go (yay!).

For those who know…I live and die by a schedule – that I carefully write out every Sunday and/or Monday afternoon depending on when I get my training plan. Between squeezing in Christmas concerts and music rehearsals in the evenings, I have to be super careful about getting all my ducks in a row early in the week. Lunch time runs, trying to get to the pools when high schools, masters groups are now using them for swim meets at odd times of the day. Something changes in my schedule…and EVERYTHING goes up in flames. I can be flexible to a point, but there isn’t a ton of wiggle room. Then coach says…nothing but swimming on Friday…no biking/running. AND no biking/running on Sunday. There went my planned trainer ride and my long run….but I felt the group workout was going to be much more beneficial…so I had to let it go….still hanging onto the fact that I didn’t get all of my workouts in this week.

AnyWAY!!! It was amazing. A series of bike/run/bike/run, etc. for a solid hour at 100% effort. Along with a few other gems…if you want to know all of what we did, you’ll have to hire my coach. I LOVED it.  LOVE LOVE LOVE. When it was finished, I felt that I hadn’t pushed myself hard enough and found myself wondering just how hard I could go the next time.

As I have always battled those cramps off of the bike while running, I tend to take it a little easy for the run. For this workout, I pushed it harder than I ever have before, and found that I still had room for more. I was running faster than I ever have in a tri, and STILL could have run faster. I just kept pushing the up button on the treadmill – inching my pace higher to find that threshold. I don’t know where any of the energy or strength came from, but it was there. I wasn’t even feeling 100% physically when I arrived at the gym in the morning. It was a wonderful learning experience and a great way to gauge both how far I have come and see what I can yet do.

I think what I most needed though, was just some time with my teammates. Rooting each other on. It was great to see everyone again, doing what we love best (all things tri). The cheering and the smiles topped off a difficult week. Rogue is growing and it’s wonderful to see that too! It’s easy in the winter to miss those things like our long group rides, brick workouts, and times soaking in the pool after difficult training sessions. You really do become a small family – a family that understands the training and the love of the sport. It’s important to be around people who understand that once in a while, because not everyone does. While I do love the miles out on my own, the times to reflect and think, over the year I have also come to love the times when I get to see/hang out/root for my teammates. It’s a wonderful and amazing balance and I sometimes have to remind myself what a joy it is to get up early in the morning and have a sweat session with other people who love this sport as much as I do.

Also – this workout taught me that I most definitely need Yankz/Lock Laces. Suggestions? Comments? Reviews? I am going to need to spend those Christmas tri gift cards on these types of things.

Over, under, around, and through….blah, blah, blah and tie a shoe.

What was the rhyme?

Anyway, maybe I am to the point where those seconds of making that little bow are actually starting to count. At least in my brain.

Happy December.