Snowzilla 2016 Woke Me Up

Let’s just say…2016 has been “interesting” so far. My first physical challenge of the year was the Indoor Tri through Lifetime Fitness. It went fine. My swim is still really rough and I work on it constantly. My bike saved me and my run is improving. I wasn’t terribly pleased with my performance, but I didn’t embarrass myself either. Moving on.

A wonderful Packephoto 1rs-Redskins game with E-Rock and The Man proved to be an excellent time. My heart and head have been highly stressed and heavy lately for a number of personal reasons. It was good to let loose a bit and laugh with some of my favorite people. Getting back into a more regular routine and focusing on my training has proved to be beneficial.

However, just as I started getting back on track, I visited Wisconsin to see my ailing grandparents. The Man accompanied for part of it which made it a special trip. I got to show off only a very small part of the city I love so much (Milwaukee). It felt wonderful to see some old friends as well as family. A little chilly (highs in the negatives) but I managed to get in my swims with my favorite training partner, Beezey! It was good for my soul to be training with her again in the dead of winter.

I came back to VA ready to rock!! Had a great talk on the phone with Coach D. Then…cue door slam. Immediately socked with sinuses full of gunk. I was in a terrible spot. Not wanting to miss any more work after having just returned from vacation and the holidays. Hoping I didn’t make anyone ill…alas…I was out. No energy. No lung power. No workouts.

Then SNOWZILLA 2016. I spent the better part of the week shrugging it off. I am a WI girl and snow doesn’t stop me. I was wrong. This was my first DC metro area snow storm….Snow shuts down a city here. I stand very, very corrected. I apologize to anyone (everyone) I laughed at.




snow day oprahshovel

Obviously, this area does not have resources to deal with this type of thing. Snow ended around midnight on Saturday and I had no doubt that I would be out and about by 9 AM Sunday morning. Incorrect. I couldn’t make it out of my subdivision on my own power until mid-day Monday. For days and days and days – stuck inside. At my wits end…I had the worst of cabin fever. Plus, I really, really needed to put some time in at the office. But…the boredom and the fact that my sinuses were on the mend allowed me to finally put in some time on the bike trainer and in the running shoes. A great trainer session on Friday, a tempo run, and some serious shoveling and snow trudging on Sunday – have re-inspired me. Now that I am at least mobile and able to move about the city again, it reminds me of Wisconsin and I love it. I may not have been able to get many places, and this area clearly can’t handle snow like the midwest, but it got me back on the horse workout-wise. Re-motivated and back in a positive mindset.

So maybe I was annoyed that I couldn’t get anywhere to actually play in the snow, but my run shoes didn’t fail me and my bike trainer was the usual perplexing (and long/boring) experience. Decent workouts all around and enough to launch me back into some sort of routine – despite the fact that normal routines were completely destroyed by the snow and sinuses.

While I do love snow, I am at my happiest on my long rides with the wind in my face and my thoughts in my head. The trainer is maddening to me. Soon, I hope to be back on the roads. March isn’t far away. Although, if I have to be on a trainer, it’s much easier with several feet of snow outside than any other weather. 🙂

There are always lanterns in the darkness and sometimes you need the help of a beautiful blizzard to see them. Nothing beats the sound (yes it is quiet – but that IS the sound) of a fresh snowfall. It is one of the most peaceful experiences in the world. Don’t forget to listen.

“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” Albert Camus

Bring the training. Bring the tough.

Bring that DAMN bike trainer (hopefully not for much longer).



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