Everything Is New! – Big Changes, Bigger Smiles

It’s been a long, long time since a blog post. After pulling out of the end of my season last year with a knee that could no longer propel me in any sort of forward direction – I’m starting to get back on track. I took some time, focused on life in general, and rebooted.

Obligatory reboot picture – baseball, bestie, smiles.


My run fitness suffered the most. Having not run from July – about mid-November, I lost whatever speed I had gained over the past year. (Not that I am the world’s fastest woman – but I had made some progress.) Crawling back now, but ready for race season. AND HUGE PLUS – I haven’t been sick since July! I was sick ALL winter last year. Mmmm hmmm, feels good.

Swim Assessment

  • Hey! I got better. 🙂 I’ve dropped my CSS by 6 seconds since my initial post-surgery test. I’m now back at pre-surgery CSS.

Bike Assessment

  • Hey! I am getting back into fighting form. On a windy day, I managed to knock a solid 5 minutes off my post-surgery test. Unfortunately, I still had steam left in the tank so wish I had gone a bit harder. Biking is the best. I biked amongst the cherry blossoms today. While some may think it’s too “touristy” – it’s still quite beautiful and I like to bump down there every year and take in some me time.

Run Assessment

  • Wellllll…I have to be below-average at something…. This was a fail. I don’t know what was wrong. Not enough calories – heat – something was amiss. Let’s just say my 5k TT wasn’t anywhere near the pace I recently held at my last 10k. I have work to do. It’s on my list of discussion points for the next call with coach.


I have revamped my training. New plans, new coach, new goals, new gym, new sponsors, etc. My job has changed drastically since the acquisition of our company, I have a supportive significant other with whom I’ve relocated to Arlington, VA – let’s just say – life is fresh and lovely. Just like the spring. None of these changes, decisions, or circumstances has been easy, but I’ve settled into a completely new lifestyle. My schedule is clear as glass and I have set times for when I meet with my coach. This is something that I like very much. An exact schedule to rely on. I pulled myself away from distractions and drama to focus on recovery and getting back to loving triathlon. That is exactly what has happened.


I am running a two-part season this year – with long course focus during the second half. I have some very specific goals which will play out blog-wise as the year continues. The season begins with some shorter races – one sprint and a handful of olys just to see how things roll. A fun race – Triple T in Ohio! This will be great as I am meeting some of my wonderful tri friends from Wisconsin and we’ll be sharing a cabin! My most beautiful Sherpa will be racing it too and I am very much looking forward to spending time with her and doing what we love best – supporting each other during races and such! It’s a long training weekend for me and I am working to an “A” short distance race mid-summer. Details forthcoming. 🙂

Long course. It’s Ironman New Orleans 70.3. I’ve always had two dream races – IM NOLA 70.3 and IM Wisconsin (still on the radar). Now that NOLA has moved to the fall instead of an April race, it’s much more feasible to prepare for it. Sitting on a bike trainer in the middle of winter for 4 hours…not great…being outdoors training all summer…GREAT! The SO and I are making a race-cation out of it and together we’ll enjoy some of the sights and sounds of my favorite city.

APRIL MINI-GOALS – Nutrition and Sleep

We’re focusing hard on nutrition this month. Not race nutrition, but balanced meals. Working out the spacing of meals and making sure that there are no energy dips through the day. Also, the focus is on making sure to be properly fueled for whichever workout the day brings. Food diary and meal prep is key here. It helps that SO is totally on board and we’ve already made a few pretty fabulous meals. I never knew this kind of support was out there until it drop kicked me in the face – I say as he plays some tank video game while I blog…he’s getting better at this video game but mentioned it’s probably good that he doesn’t drive a tank in real life (annnddd he just got destroyed and it’s playing Mozart’s Requiem…I digress…he switched to an airplane).

Sleep – This is still a struggle for me. Some nights I sleep soundly and some nights I am insomniac-city. I’ve tried many things – monitoring foods I eat, shutting off screens, settling in, same bedtime and wake-up time every day, etc. I still can’t figure out why sometimes I just do not sleep. A work in progress. The experimenting and monitoring continues.

SO – let’s get this season rolling!!! – obligatory motivation quote


Song of the week: Newsies: Seize The Day

Now is the time to seize the day
Stare down the odds and seize the day
Minute by minute that’s how you win it