2018 Beginnith

After another sub-par year when it comes to A races, I find myself back in a normal training routine. This now marks the second year in a row that I’ve lost out on an A race. In 2016, I missed AC 70.3 due to injury/surgery and 2017 I missed New Orleans 70.3 due to weather cancellation. Let’s just say, this has been more than a little disappointing – specifically on my pocketbook. I haven’t blogged since NOLA 70.3 because I have been a bit mad at the sport.

Watching storms at New Orleans 70.3. Photo cred: Eric.

Not having an A race again at the end of last year left me very frustrated. I didn’t have the money to just jump in and travel somewhere else the following weekend. It had cost enough to travel down to NOLA, ship my bike, and simultaneously vacation there with my SO. I didn’t say much after the trip and, frankly, needed to step away from triathlon for a bit and have fun doing some other things. I tried some barre classes, did a little kickboxing, worked on strength training, etc.

Once I jumped back into the pool, things felt decent, but my body said nope. I got sick in December. Bronchitis, followed by flu, followed by pneumonia – all left me tired and weak. This continued for almost 5 weeks. I had to pull out of an indoor tri and let’s just say, that did not help my attitude much.

Today, I have a revamped training plan and am feeling excellent. 2 weeks into my Raleigh 70.3 plan I am training strong and solid – nailing my paces and feeling subtle but positive improvements.

What is different?

Minimalist focus
– Quality over quantity. Fewer workouts, more focus and intensity during those workouts. This allows me to nail my workouts and feel rested and recovered. It also provides more time for strength training (see below).

Strength training – 2x a week. Focus on tri-specific muscles and core, back, hips. Plus at least one pilates session a week to really zero in on the core.

Nutrition – Focus specifically on pre/post-workout foods. Heavy meal prep and planning at the beginning of the week so that there is no need to purchase/grab meals on the go anywhere. I’ll be starting some new nutrition techniques next week. Stay tuned for results on that!

Teammates – I’ve joined District Tri and attended the season kickoff meeting the other night. I am excited to have teammates again, but more than that, am thrilled to be part of a team that has a clear purpose and focus. They encourage – specifically People of Color – to find and experience the joy of multi-sport and to make triathlon a more diverse sport. In addition, there is a large focus on giving back to the community through volunteering (both at races and the community at large). Not to mention, they are organized AF! Which – in tri – is uber important for that whole work/life/training balance. (http://districttriathlon.com/) This has been a major missing link since I moved to VA.

18486100_10101894205434613_7768987786900217671_nRaleigh 70.3 already feels like it is around the corner. Here’s to beginning week 3. Now if only it would stop pouring so we could get out on those nice long bike rides! (Not looking to get pneumonia again anytime soon).

Tune of the week: Nobody’s Side – from Chess the Musical
Quote of the week: When life gives you a rainy day, play in the puddles.

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