It’s on now…the build phase! 14 weeks to go…and this one is selfish

Ok. I feel great! Is it the spandex??? The new tri kit??? I got the suit and spent a solid 10 minutes jumping around on my furniture. There is something about fresh spandex FullSizeRenderthat makes you feel like a superhero. Not to mention – mine is patriotic and RWB which gives it added spunk! I literally jumped on my couch, I jumped on my bed, I turned in circles around my tiny little sardine can apartment. Life is good. This all during a time my legs were supposed to be recovering from track work. Hey…legs felt good as I was jumping so…a win. I am still able to wear a little lime green at times too. The lime green is the best. Hello tri kit and lime green. Welcome to Studio J.

I have found a new boost in my training over the last week. I am gonna go ahead and attribute much of this to the new coach. Someone is actually monitoring what the heck I am doing. Not to mention – keeping me accountable when/if I mess up and/or get lazy. I am optimistic about the upcoming ride to awesomeness. October 3rd is getting closer and I find myself getting more confident each day. I still have “WTF!” moments when I think about the undertaking – but then again – I am putting in the time and the training and all will be well.

I love this sport and all of a sudden I have a renewed energy. It’s great, especially after last week’s bummer of a race. However, I must admit that the training is becoming a little bit of an obsession. I don’t know if I will know what to do with myself once the race is over. Training is taking up a huge part of my life. It is almost like having a second full-time job. Don’t get me wrong, I love every minute of it and thankfully I have a great support group around me. I fully admit now that this is a selfish goal, whereas I didn’t before. If I had a family here and more responsibilities – I would certainly NOT be able to do this. My tiny little apartment bears the brunt of my busy schedule. Vacuuming, dishes, pretty much any sort of housekeeping falls to the wayside. You’d think I would be able to keep 500 square feet clean (it isn’t quite that small!). Nope. It’s atrocious. The training really does take up my time. Then it’s dump all training clothes, shower, change into work clothes, rinse, repeat. If I am not training, I am usually napping, working, sitting by the pool, or eating. I have skipped happy hours to train, dragged friends and family to the pool with me so I could get in workouts, and bypassed girl’s nights to spend time on the bike trainer. But it is game time. I love the challenge. I love the schedule. I love the way it is making me feel.

The rejuvenation and start of the build phase has also boosted my mindset. A lot of that was also probably because of the extra sleep. If I was positive before, I am even more so now. I love this area of the country. I am so happy to be here. I am happy with everything in my life right now. Sure, I still have a bad day here and there but they fade so much faster now. I really am becoming me again. There are many other factors adding to this happiness: relationships, work, music, etc. All of which are only helping my training. It’s a cycle of amazingness where each thing is helping the other.

Sooooooooo what does this build phase mean? It means getting faster and stronger. Building. How we do…

So…the swim. I am still sooooo SLOW!IMG_7297 I need to get faster. This was my pre-swim smirk face today and I shared it with my number one motivator! It’s a game face before every swim. Every swim. The pre-swim selfie is a must. It’s how I pump myself up. I intend to dominate every swim. I did fine on this one. Still not as fast as I want. Technique needs a lot of work. I am sure I have a slew of bad habits I have to break because I really do feel like I am working hard every swim and it’s just…..S.L.O.W. I do some drills each swim, but it remains a struggle. Bonus of swimming outside…a bronze glow.

The bike, oh the bike: My forever favorite. The bike is still feeling pretty good. Last weekend I biked Mt. Weather. It was tough, but I really felt good and can’t wait to try again. The bike needs a tune-up and it will be nice to get it back in decent shape in a few weeks. I also need to get fit again. Although bike as extension of body still works. It feels good. It is most definitely a part of me. I just keep working on making it better.

The run: Ugh. Oh. Bah. The run. The run. Track work. Get faster. It’s coming. Bit by bit. It is coming. I have added motivation from an outside source to push harder. 🙂 Hills. The run. I really just want to make it through the run in a standing position. I don’t really know how my damaged knee will hold up once I start upping the mileage. Time will tell. For now, it’s hills and track and hills and track and long run and etc.

The wedding and the return home: My sister’s wedding is smack dab in the middle of this build phase. I am so looking forward to seeing her and have felt far away during all of the planning. She takes priority during this time. I have been so far away, that for the time I am home, she is number one and the only one! With her wedding and a big Brewer game bash with so many of my favorite people, the trip home looks very promising despite some earlier bad vibes this week. My time management skills will even find a way to squeeze in the necessary swim/bike/run business. Can’t wait for that challenge. There WILL be updates. Hoping to lose this racerback tan before I have to sport that bridesmaid dress…although my mom told me it would make me look tough…not so sure about that…and sis wants me to wipe off my smirk for her pics. 🙂 I’ll just have to make sure I don’t plan a swim on wedding day!

The selfish – Ok. I know. Everything about this blog post was selfish. It won’t always be that way. But, I was told recently that it was okay to be selfish when it comes to training, “Training is one thing you’ll never have to explain. I get it.” That is the utmost importance to me. Those few words which could seemingly be unimportant to someone else. My training was respected. My goals were respected. Everything was understood. It shot straight to my heart and hit me in the feels. Wow. It is a difference of night and day. Smiles and sunshine. It is my race. My rediscovery. My journey. So far, it is a good one. I am so lucky and thankful to have wonderful, selfless people helping me on the way. So, so lucky.

Excited to see what happens next! In every aspect of life! 🙂

Sarcastic Wonka seems appropriate for this post.


“The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen up the body, and polish the spirit.” – Morihei Ueshiba

That it does. That it does.