Patience, Anticipation, X-Training

After a small hiatus for the holidays, I am back to blogging in full swing. I am currently in that phase where I am feeling very antsy. Technically my IM race training does not begin until the week of April 20th (still almost 2 months!!!!!). It’s killing me – especially as I see other friends gearing up for their seasons for earlier A races in the schedules. I am trying to tell myself to keep enjoying this time I have for cross-training and boxing because that will all end soon. I have been doing some pretty good off-season base building but just want to get cracking with actual IM training. I know I can’t start too soon or I will burn out, but there is also a feeling of “Holy cow, will I be ready for this when the time comes?”

October 3 is very far away, and I know I’ll be fine as long as I put in the training time. I have started to cut back on my less tri-specific workouts (boot camps, other miscellaneous workouts) so I can really start focusing on how my body will deal with the recovery time. Also, I have dropped those workouts in favor of more Range Of Motion exercises and am using that time for longer stretches of injury prevention. Now that my back is back (ha!) at 100% I just want to get rolling. I continue to diligently perform my back exercises to prevent injury, and I find that boxing has helped my core strength. All planks all day. But really….foam rolling, range of motion and even injury prevention weightlifting have taken the place of some of my cross training activities. I am a fan of Ben Greenfield’s strength training programs for triathletes. I feel he spends a nice amount of time focusing on tri-specific muscles and how to best keep them and the surrounding joints healthy.

Today though, was one of those days that I really struggled to find motivation. I didn’t get up early enough to get on my bike trainer (well – the alarm rang but the body decided to remain a lazy slug) and I also skipped my evening boxing class. I did manage to get a run-commute home from work, but even that felt like a chore. I am not sure what hit me. But when I changed into my run gear at work, I just sat on the floor for a bit trying to get up the mental strength to venture outside. Then, even when I got outside, it took me a good 5-10 minutes of walking/simple drills before I even wanted to run. I thought about just walking home. Finally I sucked it up and started running. THEN….when I was about 2 minutes from home – I stopped running. What? Why did I do that? I came to a dead stop for about a minute because I just didn’t want to run. Standing 3 blocks from home with my hands on my hips I had to silently yell at my brain to get it together. I spit out a nasty loogie in disgust with myself then sprinted home the final few blocks. I am trying to put my finger on the problem. I have been getting plenty of sleep, eating well, maybe not drinking enough water, but it was just one of those days when my brain was somewhere else.

I suppose these types of days are good for me. It’s why I decided against evening boxing. Was my body telling me to just take it easy? I normally can’t wait to get on my bike, enjoy the beautiful crisp winter air, or punch the stuffing out of a heavy bag. I swam so strong last night that I was surprised by today’s disappointment. The mystery continues and it is now 10 minutes past my bedtime. Here’s hoping tomorrow’s swim and lifting session bring me some renewed ambition. After all — I haven’t even started my training yet!  LET’S GET THIS THING GOING!!!  Or maybe I just need to remind myself of the following: